1. being unable to relax;
  2. being unable to become centered in the breath;
  3. mental restlessness and serial daydreaming;;
  4. physical restlessness;
  5. boredom;
  6. fear;
  7. doubts about the purpose of meditation;
  8. lack of clarity about the role of meditation in the Buddhist tradition;
  9. high expectations;
  10. low expectations;
  11. being grim and super-serious about sitting meditation practice;
  12. being lax about developing a consistent practice;
  13. being judgmental about “progress”;
  14. finding time for sitting meditation in one’s daily life;
  15. trying to sit too long;
  16. inability to sit for more than a few minutes;
  17. being concerned about what family and friends think about efforts to practice sitting meditation;
  18. being concerned about personal experimentation, rather than following instructions offered by teachers or in books;
  19. finding it inconvenient to consult with a Dharma Teacher or Sangha about meditation practice;
  20. being unable to sort out conflicting advice about sitting meditation;
  21. being unable to find a comfortable posture, especially regarding leg positioning;
  22. being too harsh and judgmental toward one’s efforts in meditation.