“I define mindfulness as the practice of being fully present and alive, body and mind united. Mindfulness is the energy that helps us to know what is going on in the present moment.”

Thich Nhat Hanh explains Mindfulness


“The function of meditation practice is to heal and transform. Meditation helps us to be whole and to look deeply into ourselves and around us in order to realize what is really there. The energy that is used in meditation is mindfulness; to look deeply is to use mindfulness to light up the recesses of our mind, or to look into the heart of things in order to see their true nature. When mindfulness is present, meditation is present.

By looking deeply, the meditation practitioner gains insight, praja, or wisdom. In the meditation process internal blocks of suffering such as fear, anger, despair and hatred are transformed, relationships with humans and nature become easier, freedom and joy penetrate. As we become freer and happier, we cease to act in ways that make others suffer, and we are able to bring about change around us and to help others become free.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh (Preface, Blooming of the Lotus)